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Friday, April 1, 2011

Deadline extended till April 10th for the atmosfair India Renewable Energy Innovation awards

atmosfair in partnership with niiti consulting is inviting applications from individuals and organizations for atmosfair India Renewable Energy Innovation awards that provide innovative proposals for existing projects, new projects or projects under incubation. The projects must meet the following criteria

  • reduce greenhouse gases in India, preferably using biogas, cook stoves, waste management, solar lamps, pump efficiency or solar water heating.
  • enhance the quality of life of people in the project area,
  • provide opportunities for economically viable, locally run businesses
  • should be able to develop into a GS CDM/GS VER (Gold Standard Clean Development Mechanism/ Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reduction).

"We see a high need as well as great opportunities for sustainable energy projects in India, especially community-based projects. We would like to transform our current support for projects in India into a more direct involvement by extended partnering with institutions who are working on the ground,” says Robert Müller, Carbon Project Coordinator at atmosfair.

Gopinath Parayil, co-founder of niiti consulting says, “We are fortunately witnessing a conscious change of ideology in Indian organizations who are taking up the responsibility for carbon emission to not just retain a competitive edge in the global business environment but also nurture a climate friendly movement. Let's look at the climate change challenge as an opportunity to build up renewable energy reserves in India and demonstrate a strong triple bottom line impact for our industries.”
The project that best meets the above-mentioned criteria will win an award of INR 9 lakh. Moreover, the project will be able to gain 10-100% project support from atmosfair, depending on the technology used and the large-scale triple bottom line impact it creates in the destination. “Applications have been pouring in and it is truly encouraging to see the burgeoning number of carbon offsetting initiatives in India. Due to several requests, we have extended the last date for the awards submission,” says Parayil.
The last date for submission of applications is now April 10th, 2011. Applications should be submitted by email to To apply for the awards or for more information please go to The winners will be announced by May 10th, 2011.

For any queries or suggestions, please write to us at

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